Hi, my name’s Tansy Rayner Roberts. I’m a Tasmanian writer. I work from home, in between daughter-juggling and doll selling.

I have a fantasy trilogy called The Creature Court due out from HarperCollins Voyager starting June 2010, featuring flappers, shape-changers and bloodthirsty court politics. The first book is called Power and Majesty, and tells the story of Velody, a dressmaker who discovers a hidden war being played out in the night sky of the city of Aufleur, and of Ashiol, the exiled Ducomte who would do anything to avoid ruling the people who cast him out.

My latest release is the Siren Beat half of Siren Beat/Roadkill, a pair of urban fantasy novelettes published as a Double (two covers, back to back!) by Twelfth Planet Press, an awesome Aussie indie publisher. This story  features leather trousers, tentacles and a sexy sea pony. Also I stage a Kraken invasion of Hobart – after all, someone had to! You can purchase Siren Beat/Roadkill here or Siren Beat on its own as an e-book here.

Cafe La Femme is my Tasmanian chicklit crime novel, due out from Pulp Fiction Press also in 2010.

I’m currently working on Books 2 & 3 of the Creature Court trilogy (yes, at the same time, shut up). Also in the works is a soccer-and-blueberries YA novel, a co-writing project with my Swedish writing fairy.

Along with my fellow RORlings, I regularly (cough) post at the group blog Ripping Ozzie Reads. I write book reviews at Australian SpecFic in Focus (ASif!) and recommend the best short stories of the year at “Not if You Were the Best Short Story on Earth.

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